About MindAid

MindAid was founded on the principle that thinking well means living well.

MindAid was established by three professionals who have joined skills and knowledge in order to develop a psychological tool that can improve an individual’s state of mind in the “here and now”. Two of the founders are active psychologists who practice Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a counselling technique that is used by many clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors. The therapy is based around helping you understand, manage and change your thoughts (cognitions) and actions (behaviour).

The MindAid Coping Keys were developed following the observation that many individuals have great difficulty generating helpful thoughts to challenge and/or replace their unhelpful thought patterns. MindAid Coping Keys are unique in that they have an evidence-based foundation which means that they really do work.

Our Purpose

MindAid's purpose is to develop psychological products that improve individuals' health and well-being, and to help promote improved coping skills, resilience and support. Therefore, we advocate the following key messages:

•   Early intervention and promotion of good mental health is vital.

•   Rational, adaptive and helping thinking is the key to coping well.

•   A healthy state of mind and improved coping skills can be attained via a low-cost, effective and portable cognitive     support package.